4 Creative Ways for Dads to Bond With Their Children

A father is reading to a younger girl while they both sit on the sand in front of the ocean.

Has working from home made it hard to find a good work-life balance? Are you feeling out of step with the rhythm of your home life? Every relationship needs recharging. Sometimes small, simple changes can reinforce the deep, meaningful bonds with our loved ones, including our kids. Here are some ideas on how to reconnect.

  1. Lose the phone. We live in a time where everyone is connected 24/7. Social media, the news, email, texts – these all compete for mental and emotional real estate, robbing your loved ones of your undivided attention. Do yourself a favor and leave the phone in another room. Take a break from your online life to be present in your real life. 
  2. Read a book.  Children are innately imaginative.  Books have the unique ability to keep children present while also allowing their imagination to run wild.  Reading not only helps with children’s self confidence and cognitive skills, but gives you, as the adult, an opportunity to dive into their thought process and way of reasoning. You’ll be surprise at all that you learn from a child after a 30-minute read aloud session and short discussion after.   
  3. Living room dance party. Whether you are an amazing dancer or the dance floor horror no one can take their eyes off, what better way to have fun with your kids than to tear it up on the living room dance floor. So grab your dancing shoes and take turns putting on favorite tunes with your kids. It’s a great way to find out what they’re into these days and to share what you love. You can bring a little Rolling Stones “you can’t always get what you want” wisdom into their lives, and they bring a little “watch me whip, watch me nae nae” bravado into yours.
  4. Game night. Chances are you have a few games tucked away that have not seen the light of day in some time. Now is a great time to pull them and play with the kids. Try your hand at a few card games (Uno, Go Fish, or War), board games (Monopoly, Pictionary, Connect Four, Battleship), strategy games with older kids (checkers, chess, Clue), or on-your-feet games (Twister, Charades). Or let your creativity go wild and create your own family game with its own rules.  Nothing brings people closer than learning something new and having fun.

Remember, it doesn’t really matter what you do so long as you spend time together. Simple is often the way to go.  Life races by so quickly, and kids zoom through the years. Take the time to enjoy them now.