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Use author Tracey Hecht’s book series to open the door for complex, valuable conversations that help kids and adults connect with each other.

To help facilitate these conversations, we have partnered with educators to develop SEL-specific programming (that's free!) to support the themes found in the eight-book series.

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How Are You Feeling Today?



Select Books from the Grow & Read Series

The Tasty Treat
Early Reader Level 1
Grow & Read Trade Reviews
Early Reader Level 2
The Mysterious AbductionsEarly Reader Level 3



The Nocturnals SEL Workshop with Tracey Hecht 

Based on The Slithery Shakedown SEL Educator Guide by Dawn Jacob Martin, PhD, Tracey Hecht’s Virtual SEL Workshop explores courage through storytelling for children ages 4-8. Connecting examples from the book to real life, Hecht explores how we are brave every day. The workshop includes a reading from The Slithery Shakedown, a Level 2 early reader, and an interactive activity.

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Printable Hand Drawing Activity Sheet can be downloaded here.

Printable Resources

SEL GuideSEL Educator Guide

By Dawn Jacobs Martin, PhD, and Jennifer McCatharn
The Nocturnals Book and Activities CatalogThe Kindness Game for use with The Peculiar Possum

Developed with Joyce M Grossbard, LCSW, and Children's Literature Specialist Gillian Engberg
Kooky Kinkajou SEL Activity KitThe Kooky Kinkajou
SEL Activity Kit

Developed with Children's Literature Specialist
Gillian Engberg
Grow & Read Storytime KitGrow & Read Storytime Kit