Nocturnals Explore Unique Adaptations of Nighttime Animals, HC, by Tracey Hecht

Nocturnals Explore Unique Adaptations of Nighttime Animals, HC

the nonfiction chapter book companion to The Mysterious Abductions has a dark blue cover with a real picture of a pangolin climbing a tree branch on the front. Behind the pangolin on the left is a picture of a real sugar glider and on the rig
Nonfiction Chapter Book Companion to The Mysterious Abductions
The Nocturnals
By Tracey Hecht
Published by Fabled Films Press


Hardcover | 128 pages | 6 x 9 inches | 9781944020736 | November 29, 2022
Lexile 930L | Fountas & Pinnell S
Over 150 full-color photographs/character images

Explore Unique Nocturnal Animal Adaptations with Fun Facts from The Nocturnals!
This Middle Grade Nonfiction book is for Kids Ages 9–12 and has over 150 full-color animal photos.
It’s perfect for fans of National Geographic Kids and Magic Tree House Fact Tracker books.

This nonfiction book uses fun facts and a narrative from the adventurous Nocturnals characters—Dawn the fox, Tobin the pangolin, and Bismark the sugar glider—to learn about nighttime animals in their natural habitats.
  • Kids discover the special adaptations that help nocturnal animals succeed in the dark and investigate conservation efforts.
  • Teachers use the book in life science units as a stand alone or with the companion fiction.
  • Librarians use the nonfiction book in STEAM Book Clubs with the companion fiction.

Inside The Book You’ll Find:
  • Animals from around the world: red foxes, pangolins, sugar gliders, bats, owls, coyotes, wombats, snakes, woylies, bandicoots, crocodiles, kiwis, tuataras, aye-ayes, jerboas, and more!
  • Night Notes that explain unusual adaptations
  • Nocturnal Feature Icon Key
  • Animal Glossary with full-color photos
  • Word Glossary to build STEM vocabulary
  • At-Home Science Resources

Teach a Nonfiction Text Unit with Our Educator Guides in your Classroom or Library!
  • Next Generation Science & Common Core Language Arts Guide available on our website.
  • Can be used as a narrative read or browseable reference material.
  • Book is aligned to NGSS & CCSS ELA

Educational Leveling:
Lexile: 930L
Fountas & Pinnell: S

What People Are Saying

"[The] narration is accompanied by endearing color photographs and fun animal profiles...recurring visual cues draw attention to facts and tidbits to promote further exploration...a welcoming introduction to nighttime animals that celebrates biodiversity."
Foreword Reviews

"A fictive squad of nighttime animals shines lights on some of their real cousins...likely to keep young naturalists reading well past sunset."
Kirkus Reviews

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Hardcover | 128 pages | $14.99 USD | 9781944020736 | November 29, 2022

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