3 Types of Read Aloud Books

An older woman is sitting down, holding a young boy on her lap, while looking at the book he is holding. Beside the woman is a young girl leaning towards her to see the book.

Have you joined our New Year’s Goal to read aloud together this year? Not sure where to start? We have three types of read aloud books for you that will invite your kids to engage with the books— and you!

Books That Act Like A Movie Cast!

The cover of The Moonlight Meeting features Dawn, a fox, staring at Tobin, a pangolin, who is staring back at her. Between them is Bismark, a sugar glider, who is standing in front of a purple bush and looking straight and posing with a smile.

Pick a book with multiple characters and turn reading time into a movie or "reader’s theater" for all the educators out there. You can play with different voices for each character or invite your kids to play one of them. The Moonlight Meeting by Tracey Hecht introduces three animal characters throughout the story, so your kids can practice their Dawn the fox, Bismark the sugar glider, and Tobin the pangolin voices! 

Books That Will Make You Laugh As A Family!

A cartoon pig is in front of a cartoon box and is next to an illustrated fox who has its paws on its hips. Above them is written the title of the book: A Pig, A Fox, and a Box.

Reading together is one step, laughing together is another. The bond of sharing a moment of levity in the day will keep your kids asking for more reading time. In A Pig, a Fox, and a Box by Jonathan Fenske, the fox is all about funny business, but the pig will get the big laughs.

Books That Have Rhythm And Sound!

In a field is a cartoon chicken who is looking at an illustrated grasshopper. There is a white picket fence behind them and above it is the title of the book: Chicken Said, “Cluck!”

While you’re reading aloud, go ahead and choose a book with some rhythm. Fun sounds will keep your kids’ attention, and some repetition will have them reading along with you. What better sounds to read than animal ones? We recommend Chicken Said, "Cluck!" by Judyann Ackerman Grant.